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The Binary Net ST1 – Indicator provides high quantity signals based on several conditions and Market movement. This indicator is very effective and used by traders who love those short trades from 5 minute trades- 1 hour. With our helpful videos and tips you can even use the ST-1 for longer trades. This type of indicator is universal and will give you more signals. This indicator provides instant audio alert and easy to install. 






Binary Network MT30=The Binary Net MT30 Indicator provides great signals based on longer conditions and longer Market movement. This indicator is very effective and used by traders who love them 1 hour + trades. Rather than using several other tools to find a perfect one hour target entry the MT30 provides this for you automatically. It was built with softer settings for longer trades but is effective with other time frames as well. This indicator gives lighter signals but with higher standards. This indicator includes audio alerts and is very laid back, easy to use.  AVAILABLE NOW




Binary Networks LT24=This indicator provides high quality signals for 4 Hour to daily trades. With audible alerts now you can you can stay on board with your long term and EOD signals. With the LT24 you can simply enter your trades for the day when ever you get a alert and minimize your time in front of the computer. This indicator is great for those quality daily traders who like trading 1-2 times a day only. Simple and easy to install. AVAILABLE NOW






Recommended – ALL IN ONE Indicators.  This includes all indicators shown above in one simple easy to install download. This will include audible alerts and time frames set to their own specific indicators.                        







Binary Networks STRONG TREND Indicator (AddOn) –This awesome add on indicator adds real TIME Trend data right into your MT4 Chart. This indicator is very beneficial and should be used with your trading confirmation. The STRONG TREND Indicator will show you whether trends are going up or down for 1M,5M,15M,30M,1HR,4HR,1D,1WK time frames. AVAILABLE NOW








Binary Network’s Economic NEWS Indicator (AddOn) – Economical news         can be a major effect to any trader. Rule of thumb is to always check news before               trading to ensure you avoid any negative impact to your trades. Well now with our           custom Economic NEWS Indicator you can view upcoming real time news in the               comfort of your own chart right in front of you without having to check online. With         this indicator you will be on top of your trading with real time News Indicator – NOW AVAILABLE